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About company

Tanin Tose-eh Pars (TTPCo)is mainly manufacturer of seismic gas and water shutoff valves and solenoid valves. The range of the products includes sizes from 1" to 8". Earthquake shutoff valves are also produced with 3 types: horizontal flow, vertical flow from the bottom in and vertical flow from the top in. the body of all valves are made with GGG40 with high quality.

More about our team

This company started its work in 2004 with researching and consulting on earthquake safety devices. The unique mechanism that above products use (protected by patent right) reveals its advantages specially in those grids apply unclean gas. Ordinary seismic valves with mechanic parts might be useless in unclean natural gas due to rising friction between parts. All mechanical parts in tannin valve series are pollution resistance. Moreover all body parts are made with GGG40 that make them secure against breaking or leakage during earthquake.  


seismic shut-off valves in short

Seismic gas shutoff device” means a device installed on customer-owned gas piping which automatically shuts off gas service when an earthquake of 5.4+ magnitude or greater occurs at the valve’s location. Automatic gas shutoff valves are installed on buildings’ gas house line (the pipe between the gas meter and the building). The reason for this requirement is that natural gas piping and appliances can be damaged during earthquakes, causing gas leaks. Quick shutoff of the flow of gas from ruptured pipes is a key to preventing a fire or explosion due to a gas leak caused by an earthquake. About one in four fires after an earthquake is related to natural gas leaks.

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